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AutoRABIT Acquires Salesforce Devops Security Tool Maker CodeScan

AutoRABIT, a leading provider of Salesforce Devops solutions based in Pleasanton, California today announced it has acquired San Diego, California-based Codescan. With this move, AutoRABIT says it will have a DevSecOps solution fully integrated into their Salesforce devops solution.

“The SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange compromises highlight more than ever the need for integrated development tool chains that ensure not just accelerated feature delivery to support digital transformation but also the increasing need to be secure and compliant as they do so,” said AutoRABIT CEO Vishnu Datla in a prepared statement.

SolarWinds Makes Waves Again

I am fascinated that Mr. Datla highlights the SolarWinds hack as a red-alert for the devops world. I can’t help but think that this acquisition flurry will continue in 2021 as the leading devops platform vendors scramble to add DevSecOps as a feature.

Better Than Copado/New Context

Last week we saw Copado purchasing a DevSecOps consultancy, New Context. Please check that post for the details. I speculated on Reddit that this seemed more like an “acquihire,” where a company is purchased for the talent and not so much for a real product.

Codescan, on the other hand, is a real product that brings real customers into the AutoRABIT customer base. That makes this acquisition a more leverageable deal than purchasing consulting talent.

⛔ DevSecOps ⛔

Allow me to offer one final bit of commentary for today. Let us quickly put the ugly term DevSecOps to bed. Excessive intercaping and four-letter-acronyms is a problem in the IT industry. We need to simplify terms to get better buy-off from c-suite executives.

We don’t need a new term to describe what should be an inherent best practice for devops. All devops activities must be secure, from the developer sandboxes all the way through regulated compliance. We must all take a security-first posture when it comes to building developer pipelines.

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