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Top 5 Salesforce Devops Job Titles

Top 5 Salesforce Devops Job Titles

Leading organizations are constantly looking for fresh talent to develop killer enterprise applications. But, for many the application delivery pipeline is clogged. To unclog Salesforce pipelines, adding a “Salesforce Architect with Devops Experience” team member tops enterprise personnel wish lists.

Devops opinionated magic is expected to fix clogged Salesforce delivery pipelines. By unclogging Salesforce application delivery, organizations aim to move forward with stalled projects.

Do People Look for Salesforce Devops Jobs?

I cast out a net on social media to get a better perspective on Salesforce devops job hunting. I got an interesting response from Reddit user Michael Leach, who is a principal at Cubic Compass, a San Francisco Bay Area consultancy. “The Salesforce DevOps space seems a bit like an asbestos removal hustle at the moment,” said Mr. Leach in his initial response to my Reddit query. I think that dramatic language refers to how some people see Salesforce devops as a retrofitting procedure, and how they may not appreciate the cost and intricate nature of leading Salesforce devops platform vendors.

This comment also resonates with people who see devops as more a job component than a pure focus. Mr. Leach summarized our Reddit conversation by saying, “Personally, I would assign overall ownership of a Copado-style tool to a PM (Project Manager or Program Manager), let Devs own commits and packaging, and QA own sandbox testing and final release approvals.”

Salesforce Devops Skills in Job Postings

To find the top 5 Salesforce devops job titles I took a quick look from a job hunter’s perspective. I did an informal survey of popular Salesforce job sites, including, Indeed, and LinkedIn. That led me to estimate that recruiters posted about five hundred (500) separate Salesforce devops-related jobs in the last 30 days in the United States.

I used LinkedIn to get a sense of Salesforce devops demand globally. I found about a hundred listings for Salesforce devops jobs in the European Economic Area and India each. And I found dozens more in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Japan. In the Americas, I found about 100 Salesforce devops jobs in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and other Western Hemisphere countries.

That sums up to about one thousand (1,000) job posted globally in the last 30 to 60 days on October 20, 2021.

Who is Posting Jobs?

There were a wide variety of job posters in my informal survey. Most posts came from regional staffing agencies. A handful of the global system integrators I track were present. Another large chunk of the posts came from Salesforce customers like banks, online system operators, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). A substantial chunk I noticed, though, were regional and country-specific consultancies and system integrators. It seems that many consultancies and system integrators are building up devops-related practices.

It makes sense that consultancies are getting into Salesforce devops. Setting up a devops-enabled app delivery team only needs to be done on occasion. An enterprise doesn’t necessarily need to house expertise on devops since the expertise may not be used continuously.

Experienced Workers Sought

Individual Salesforce devops expertise usually takes years to develop. Most, but not all, jobs are looking for people with eight or more years of Salesforce experience. This is because Salesforce devops expertise requires experience in Salesforce administration, application development, plus application delivery automation.

A Salesforce devops engineer is a step up in qualifications when compared to a cloud native devops engineer. A good Salesforce devops specialist must bring in several knowledge domains to be effective. The best Salesforce devops practitioners are those blend a solid Salesforce background, agile management techniques, and modern devops tooling.

Adding devops pixie dust to a job description seems to put that job at the top of Salesforce pay scales. Several listings for “Salesforce DevOps Engineer” gave pay rates over $170,000 per year. This seems to be in line with pay expectations for experienced Salesforce architects and product managers.

My searches frequently found the Top 5 Salesforce devops platform vendors cited in job qualifications. Keyword searches on all five of the companies yielded results. It seems like developing experience in one of the Top 5 vendors is a good tactic for getting a Salesforce devops job. Also, all of the Top 5 vendors are hiring devops experts in the United States and other countries as well.

Varied Job Post Quality

Many of the Salesforce devops-related job postings are surprisingly light on any specifics. Most postings seem to be based on a Salesforce solution architect template. They go into detail looking for Salesforce experience and then summarizing devops-related skills with “Jenkins, CI/CD, and Azure Devops experience required.”

Some of the more informed posts focused on the need for a devops engineer to facilitate communication and teamwork. They give the job responsibility for selecting and disseminating tooling to other development teams.

A few job postings I found showed clear enlightenment about Salesforce devops. These job descriptions explore how devops is key to app delivery. Some even stress the need for cloud native devops experience as an asset for Salesforce devops.

So, there appear to be a few personnel hunters who take the time and trouble to craft meaningful job descriptions for Salesforce devops. For job hunters, I recommend combing through all available opportunities to find the exceptionally-well defined jobs.

Salesforce Devops Training Advice?

When considering Salesforce devops training, it seems that there are at least three main segments. There are the developers who need to learn how to use Salesforce devops tools and techniques. Next are the architects who design a Salesforce delivery system. And there are the executives in charge of these projects who need to know about technological capabilities and limits.

For all three audiences, there is a dearth of vendor-independent Salesforce devops training available. Trailhead has worthy content from some of the vendors that is useful for developers. In addition, CumulusCI, the devops tool that works outside of SFDX-CLI, also has Trailhead modules. Plus, there are videos on YouTube, including my own Salesforce Devops channel, to which I invite you to subscribe.

Other than that, it is best for developers to focus on using VS Code and SFDX-CLI. For advanced developers a fine learning experience is to study Accenture’s open-source project, DX@Scale. This vast project employs a strict source-code-first methodology and uses 2nd generation packaging to organize the codebase.

Developers and admins may also get a decent taste of Gearset and Copado by using their trial and free versions. This enables developers to scan the existing metadata of an org.

It makes sense to get acquainted with the Top 5 products either via a free trial, video demo, or even a sales experience. Vendor-specific experience can be the key to landing a Salesforce devops job.

The Top 5 Salesforce Devops Job Titles

I found plenty of Salesforce jobs with “devops” in the title, but most Salesforce devops jobs don’t have “devops” in the job title. Salesforce devops is usually a component of some other, usually high-level, job description.

Here are the Top 5 Salesforce Devops Job Titles based on my informal global survey of LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job sites.

  1. Salesforce DevOps Engineer
  2. Salesforce Solution Architect
  3. Technical Product Manager
  4. Salesforce Development Manager
  5. Salesforce Release Engineer

Tell Me Your Salesforce Devops Career Needs and Stories!

I hope you are intrigued with my quick look at the Salesforce devops job market. I want to hear more about how you are using devops to climb the career ladder. And it would be great to hear from people who have landed that dream job where people work together to make things better.

Recruiters out there should let me know how you feel about Salesforce devops skills and how you are looking for strong devops candidates.

I also want to hear about your devops training needs and desires. Tweet me @salesforcedevop. Write to me at [email protected], or connect and send me a message at