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Trailblazer DX 2023 Best Sessions and Vendors for Salesforce Devops

TrailblazerDX 2023 Best Sessions for Salesforce Devops

Some folks are getting ready to attend TrailblazerDX 2023, so here are my picks for the top sessions you should attend.

Top Session Picks

A few of these sessions will be live and recorded on Salesforce+, so be sure to join in if your schedule allows. I have provided links into the conference agenda planner, so be sure to register and log in to add these suggestions to your schedule.

  • Main KeynoteAvailable on Salesforce+ – I’m not sure who will be presenting, but you can be sure they will be talking about EinsteinGPT and how generative AI will be impacting Salesforce in 2023. (Tuesday @ 10:00 AM, Keynote Room Level 3)
  • Sandbox Best Practices for Developers – Generating sandboxes with the right precautions and masking is critical for Salesforce devops pipeline management. (Tuesday @ 11:00 AM, Circles of Success, Level 2)
  • Accelerate Development with Salesforce DevOps – This session features our Salesforce Devops hero and wunderkind, Pablo Gonzalez representing Salto onstage. (Tuesday @ 12:30 PM, Trailblazer Theater, Level 3)
  • Transform DevOps Delivery and Incident Resolution with Slack – I believe this Salesforce presentation will focus on using Slack for team communication in a devops environment. (Tuesday @ 12:30 PM, Cypress Theater, Level 2)
  • Slack Keynote: Unlock Productivity for Everyone with AI and AutomationAvailable on Salesforce+ – I am curious to see if this session will have more details on using EinsteinGPT. (Tuesday @ 1:30 PM, Keynote Room Level 3)
  • Accelerate DevOps with DevOps Center and the Salesforce CLI – If you are new to Salesforce DevOps Center, then you can meet the makers of the product at these sessions. (Tuesday @ 3:30 PM, Breakout 1, Level 2, and Wednesday @ 2:00 PM, Spruce Theater, Level 2)
  • Tips and Tricks with DevOps Center – This will be a more advanced DevOps Center presentation for those who have tried it out and are looking for advice. (Tuesday @ 4:30 PM, Breakout 2, Level 2)
  • True To The CoreAvailable on Salesforce+ – This is where we get to ask Parker Harris and other divisional leaders about what’s next with Salesforce. It should be more interesting this year with the new focus on “efficiency” and that the merger committee’s been disbanded. (Wednesday @ 9:00 AM, Keynote Room, Level 3)
  • Jumpstart Your Journey to Salesforce DevOps Success – Join another Salesforce devops hero, Andrew Davis, as he will present Copado and its comprehensive devops solutions. (Wednesday @ 11:30 AM, Cedar Theater, Level 2)
  • Platform Keynote: Roadmap to Build and Extend your Customer 360Available on Salesforce+ – Salesforce DevOps Center product manager Karen Fidelak will be part of this roadmap update on automation, devops, and cybersecurity. (Wednesday @ 12:30 PM, Keynote Room Level 3)
  • Embed Automated QA into Salesforce DevOps Center Pipelines – Yet another member in our gallery of Salesforce Devops heroes, Michael Dailey, will be presenting for Provar. In this session I believe he will be showing how Provar can be a quality hub in your devops pipeline. (Wednesday @ 1:30 PM, Cedar Theater, Level 2)
  • Trailblazing with Kumail NanjianiAvailable on Salesforce+ – Who doesn’t want a little comedy at the end of a busy conference. Kumail is the guy from Silicon Valley, and later appeared in a Marvel movie. I think if you’re watching on Salesforce+ this might be fun.

Lots of Devops Sponsors

A bunch of vendors I track will be at TrailblazerDX 2023 as sponsors.

  • Copado – Copado is a leading Salesforce devops platform vendor.
  • Provar – Provar is a leading provider of test automation and quality systems.
  • CodeScan Shield by AutoRABIT – This is the platform cybersecurity offering by AutoRABIT.
  • Elements.Cloud – Elements is a leading provider of application management lifecycle and change intelligence for Salesforce users.
  • Odaseva – Odaseva is a leading provider of data backup and platform cybersecurity services for Salesforce users.
  • OwnBackup – OwnBackup is also a leading provider of data backup and platform cybersecurity services for Salesforce users.
  • Quality Clouds – Quality Clouds also has a platform cybersecurity service designed to secure complex, mission-critical orgs.
  • Tricentis – Tricentis is a leading provider of test automation tools that work on SaaS apps, including Salesforce.
  • Blue Canvas – Blue Canvas is a Salesforce devops platform vendor with a comprehensive metadata and ancillary metadata solutions.
  • Clayton – Clayton is a developer cybersecurity solution that takes care if you static application security testing needs.
  • CapStorm – CapStorm has a variety of devops-related services, including data protection and backup, compliance, governance, and sandbox seeding.
  • Druva – Druva is another backup and data protection vendor who performs platform cybersecurity services.
  • Flexagon – This company honestly has not been on my radar enough, because they claim to have a Salesforce devops platform like the others.
  • Flosum – Flosum has been on my radar for a while, and they are indeed one of the leading Salesforce devops platforms. One of their differentiators is they run on the Salesforce platform.
  • Metazoa – Metazoa is an admin toolbox with a lot of capabilities, including org splits and other complex maintenance tasks.
  • Pharos – Pharos is one of the only observability and incident management systems available for Salesforce.
  • Salto – Salto is not a devops platform, but more like a system of metadata intelligence that supports business engineering, change intelligence, and multi-SaaS devops.
  • Sonar – Sonar is a developer cybersecurity company with static application security testing systems for many languages, including those used in Salesforce.

Have Fun!

If you are going to TrailblazerDX 2023, I hope you get out of it what you want. Everybody has different needs and desires when attending an event like this. Be sure to let me know what you think about the experience!